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Apps on Apps on Apps, man

What’s up social media peeps, we all have smartphones these days and probably the best part about those phones has to be all the apps. It seems like no matter what you need, there is usually “an app for that”.

We could list the apps for days… anything from games, to travel, to literature to the stock market watch. Some of these apps are extremely useful in our everyday lives and can really be time savers, on the other hand though, most of them can be extreme time wasters, just a stupid way to pass the time. I want to talk about how to make apps a useful part of your life and how some of them can actually save your life!

So for those who don’t know me, I’m a pretty outdoorsy going kind of guy and spend a lot of my time climbing, hiking and camping in the backcounty.  Believe it or not, I use apps on my iPhone to help me plan, find and map out most of my trips. I use an app called “Mountain Project” for all of my climbing route finding needs, this app has just about every Rock Climbing route in the world mapped out with a very unique description on how to find the route, how hard it is, the gear you will need and the reviews of the route by other climbers, all for free! pretty cool huh? This app alone has probably saved me A hundred bucks in guide books I would have had to buy. Another app that I use on a regular basis is called “Columbia Take Ten”. This app can be used for many different things, from safety tips to packing lists for any type of trip, this app can save your life. Especially with the trip planning feature it has. How this works is I fill out a template already made out on the app, it asks for the essentials like the date, location and duration of the trip. It will then geographically map out my trip giving latitude and longitude coordinates of my whereabouts, It also asks for the type of vehicle and my team members names who will be with me on my trip as well as my provisions I will be taking and when I will be returning. From this point, the app sends all of this information to my emergency contacts (mom and dad) and tells them that if I do not contact them within 12 hours of my ETA, the information will be sent to a search and rescue team in the area. Hopefully insuring a quick and painless rescue if I get turnaround out there. Whoever said all apps were useless… never had an app that could potentially save their life.

Find the apps for you, the ones that can simplify your life! take advantage of the 21st century people!

That’s all for now peeps.

Let’s Go Viral

Alright here we go, finally a topic I am Interested in. Seeing as how I am super into Film Making and want to pursue this it as a career I can’t help but feel a sense of connection to this post. Everyone loves a good viral video… that’s why they go viral, but making a video with the intent of it to go viral is not an easy task, in fact most people don’t intend for their videos to get so big, they just start filming and post the video. I don’t want to talk about dumb luck today though, I want to talk about actual talent. I want to talk about the Youtube all stars. In my opinion, the three best Youtubians are as follows

Coming in at 3rd place, the ever so talented music group, “Walk Off The Earth”, This band of misfits really blew up after their ever so famous “5 people on guitar” remix of Somebody I Used to Know. After that video surfaced, many people were so intrigued by their talent that their other videos became more popular and now the band is known not only for their unique videos but their music talent. I urge you to check them out.

2nd place goes to my man Julian Smith… Now many of you might not know who he is yet but this man is a comedic genius, this dude is so funny that major producers in Hollywood have actually hired him to help write and direct some big time motion pictures coming up in the near future. All from Youtube!

The winner, coming in at a solid 1st place is none other then the king of Youtube, Devin Graham, Aka Devinsupertramp. Ok so this dude is probably my hero right now, this dude got famous from just doing cool shot with his friends. All he does is get his peeps together, sets up a cool stunt, films it and gets famous, now it was a long road for the young filmmaker before his films went viral but that is to be expected when your videos are not comedic or unexpected. Devin’s videos are now known worldwide and he is continuing to impress the world. This kid has also been recruited by Hollywood so we expect to see his unique style of film hit the big screen within a few years.

So basically what I’m saying is that yes, you can get super famous and make lots of money from simply having a little talent and posting it on Youtube! Well that’s all I guess, Check out the video links, they’re freakin sick! have fun!

Search Engine Optimization

Well lets talk about search engines… I guess the direction I could take this would be along the lines of the way we use them, what search engine we prefer and which one we could consider to be the best but really, how we can use them for business and marketing strategies.

First I think we should define what Search Engine Optimization is, It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” listings on search engines. All major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have such results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

The task at hand now is that of becoming for searchable, in the sense that when people search for us or our business names, they will be the first ones to come up in the search.

so taking that into account, according to

Search engine optimization can actually be very easy by following a few tips

1. Check the popularity of keywords

2. Select specific and relevant keywords

and so on and so forth… (click the link for more deets)

If its free, use it! there is no such thing as bad publicity so if there is an opportunity to grow your keywords and links just by signing up or creating an account, do it!  

Short but sweet, But seriously, check out the links.

Organization in social media

What’s up what up errboby! It’s been a minute or two since I’ve blogged, not that anyone reads this anyways…

So I’m gonna talk a little bit about how to organize and use social media platforms successfully as a marketing tool, whether that be for your own personal platforms or for a business you own or work for.

#1. Identify your audience - This means just what it says, ask yourself, who am I trying to reach out to with these platforms. If your audience is your family and friends, you can go ahead a be a bit more personal. use the tools you have at your fingertips to reach hundreds maybe even thousands of people. These tools are free, go ahead and use them as a marketing tool for your start-up business! No need to spend big money on advertising right out the gate. Pin down your target audience and don’t stray!

#2. Let the Marketing begin - Get creative with this, don’t just tweet or blog about some upcoming promotion your company is having… Do something people will remember! This could be anything from a contest for free shiz or some sick  music video you put together singing the promotion going on.

#3. Don’t spam… ever!  -  What I mean by this is, don’t tweet/blog/post 50 times a day about the same freaking thing. I will unfollow you… I promise, and I bet most of everybody else will too. Put a limit on all that posting… I’d say like 2-3 times a day. That’s it!

#4. Include Links - Go ahead and throw some links to your website or sick video you made in your post. Might as well get the most out of your platforms, but if ya take my advice and do this… make sure to shorten the link. An easy way to do this can be to check out, it’s pretty self explanatory.

 N-E-Ways… Check it out, give it a try. Hey, It might even work

Applebees Case Refelection

So basically what happened here is this, some idiot, a so called “pastor” wrote some ignorant comment on his/her waitress’ receipt saying “I give God 10%, why do you get 18?” after being charged for the added 18% gratuity for parties larger than 8 because that just the rule.

My first thoughts on this is… C’mon, this is pretty ridiculous, if a so called “pastor”, a minister of god isn’t willing to help and love other people then they should not be allowed to preach religion to others. It’s extremely hypocritical and I am glad that someone posted this on the web for everyone to see. I strongly disagree with Applebees for firing the employee and of course, their food. It sucks, seriously. They need to do something about that. If you want decent food, go to Chili’s. Okay off topic there, sorry.

So Applebees fired their employee for infringing on the customers privacy rights. I guess I can understand if the employee posted a picture of the receipt with the customers credit card information below it, then I guess that’s enough cause for termination. That just dumb on the employees part and if you are gonna do that then I guess you had it coming. BUT the employee did not post any sort of personal information besides the pastors name. Which I feel that everyone needs to know who this pastor is so that she may be fired from her religious standing. NOT COOL!

I feel that the employee was in the right. If I was in her shoes, its tough for me to say that I wouldn’t do the same thing or even worse. I understand that there has to be some sort of privacy policy for customers… but that should only protect the polite, kind and good tipping people in the country. The minimum wage for a waiter or waitress is $3.63 compared to the $7.35 minimum wage of non server jobs. We need to be adults and tip our servers if we are going to go out to eat, if you don’t like to tip, make your own damn food at home. Moral of the story here and I’m quoting the movie “waiting”


Simple as that. Be nice, Be polite, Be an adult, and TIP your server.

Oh and don’t make comments that you don’t want the whole world to know about.

Wikis and the ole’ Skype

First off, Wiki’s and Wikipedia are two different things, Wikipedia is i guess you could say, a product of A wiki. A wiki is a collaborative source of information that is added upon by its our peers across the world. Wikipedia seems to be the best and most well known source of a wiki known across the world. It is also known for being the most correct and information encyclopedia across the globe (forget what your high school teacher said), contrary to popular belief, Wikipedia can be a very useful and educational  site that should be allowed for use for all students across the globe. unfortunately, their is much misinformation about wiki’s. People tend to think that because that it is peer reviewed and edited that anyone can edit it to say what they want and that it won’t be corrected, this is incorrect. Wikipedia is the most monitored wiki site available and any nonfactual changes will be corrected within minutes. So go ahead and show this to your professors and teachers.

Skype on the other hand… well you all know. Skype is an amazing and can be used for more than just saying hey to your friends, this can be very useful for business’ and foundations. In conclusion… Just try it!

Thanks Peeps.

How’d you know where I was?

It’s crazy to think of what the world has come to these days, I talked a little about managing your social media a week a go but now I wanna talk to you about a little thing called “Location Based Platforms”. This handy little tool let’s everyone in the entire world, with access to the internet, know exactly where you are currently located. Scary? Eh it can be if you aren’t smart about it. There are many things you can do to make sure that your crazy, stalker ex-girlfriend from high school doesn’t know exactly where you are at any given time of the day.

1. Don’t use the platforms! Simple as that, if you don’t want people knowing where you are, then don’t tell them!

2. Make sure that your security settings are set so that only the people you trust and allow know where you are at.

3. If you insist on “checking in” out of the state or county, make sure someone is checking up on your place of residence. Wouldn’t want anyone you don’t trust knowing you’re in Paris for the week and then come home to a looted house.

You’d think these simple rules would be obvious but they aren’t. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out how to use one of these platforms and trust me, it shows. Honestly, I think that these type of platforms are a useless, time wasting, hazard to your safety… but then again my dad tells me that same thing about ALL social media so I guess it’s really just all in the eye of the beholder.

I guess to sum it up, the only real piece of useless advice I could offer up is to just THINK before acting. Be smart about what you decide to post all of the WWW and don’t be ignorant, it’s not as “safe” as you think.

As always, stay classy.

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